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Monday, September 17, 2007

20x200 Art

Art collector? Art collector wanna-be? Jen Bekman's new project, 20x200, answers your need for good art at affordable prices. Her philosophy was that plenty of artists want to sell their art, collectors and regular folks would like to buy art, and the internet would be a great place to connect them. Fresh art will be offered for sale on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Each piece of art will be sold in three sizes. 200 of the smallest size will sell for $20 each, 20 of the medium size will sell for $200 each, and 2 of the largest will sell for $2000 each. A simple, beautiful plan!

I first read about Jen's project in Dwell, and received my first e-mail this weekend. I love the idea, especially for residents of smaller cities where art opportunities may be somewhat limited. Texture and quality are always key to my purchasing decisions, so when I make my first purchase I'll be sure to report back to you on my experience.